Charles Court by Ronda Jamieson


"Perhaps no other Australian politician in the 20th century did so much to promote a major sector of the economy. Whether in extracting iron ire or natural gas, nickel or diamonds, alumina or gold, most of the big projects owed much to Sir Charles Court's vision, and to legislative incentives and precautions he devised for them. When he died in 2007, Australia's standards of living depended heavily on miniral wealth, half of which was coming from Western Australia."


"This biography in not only the story of Sir Charles Court's personal and family life but is an economic and political history of post-war Western Australia...It is fair in the spirit and will be widely consulted."


These are the words of Professor Geoffrey Blainey, who considered Sir Charles Court "one of the most creative politicians in Australia's history" who had a remarkable Australia-wide influence despite being a state and not a federal politicians.

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